Hello and thank you for visiting our website.

For you to be reading this you are obviously a dog lover.  The reason I decided to create this website is because as a dog lover and owner myself, I know there is a hole in the market where all dog owners can find everything you need or are looking for in one place.

I hope to improve and continually grow this site so it becomes a one stop shop for all your needs and desires and stories for your furry friends.  Please feel free to share your stories and photos to all our members.  Your comments are welcome and I will reply.  Please feel free to recommend any supplier, shop, vet, accommodation wherever you may feel other dog owners may be interested in and I will do my best to try and get them on-board.

A little about me!  I have two adorable pups, both poms.  I have always had dogs since I can remember.  My dogs were normally strays that people would leave abandoned on the street where I grew up.  The road was dirt and bush so people would leave their unwanted pups in cardboard boxes on our street. As there was very limited  public transport as kids we had to walk a couple of klms home from school, so Mondays was the day that you would  possibly find a cardboard box left on the side of the road with a litter of pups that someone left over the weekend.  They would sometimes leave a bowel of water.  I would carry the pups home and would plead with mum and dad so that we could keep them.  Never did they say no.

On this site I hope you will be able to find interesting places where you can take your dog and products that you may need.